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Shamanism is an ancient belief system and life practice which has been present in indigenous cultures for thousands of years.  Anthropologists believe it has existed for over 100,000 years.

The shamanic practitioner believes in the intricate web of life – the interconnectedness of “The All That Is.”  All creation has a spirit and is loved, honored, and respected equally for its contribution to our entire cosmos. How we think, act, and live, and our intentions affect all beings everywhere. Whether it be people, animals, nature, or the elements, we are all one relation.


The word shaman means “one who sees in the dark (hidden realities) with his or her heart.”  The shaman’s healing powers are drawn from spiritual allies in non-ordinary realities through journeying.  These are compassionate guiding spirits and angels of the most benevolent and divine light and love. These relationships are grounded in mutual love, devotion, respect, and gratitude.  Like any other relationship, the more love and attention it is given, the stronger the magical healing power becomes.  Our non-physical spirit helpers need the shaman to bring healings into our three-dimensional reality.  Thus, creating an empowering dance woven energetically between spirit and the shaman. This is energy medicine.  


In the past 50 years, there has been a vast expansion of consciousness and spiritually.  There is a realization that each one of us must cultivate our own inner gardens of happiness.  When this happens, our light becomes a positive influence on all of life in the universe.  Despite all the advances in science, medicine, and technology, we are all being called to restore balance and harmony for our spirit and our environment.  This includes our personal environment as well as the collective.  We must bring ourselves back to nature and the beauty that surrounds us and fills our soul.  The indigenous people knew that a human’s heart can become hard when taken away from the natural world. When respect for growing and living things is lost, how do we love and respect each other?  This softening influence contributes to our true gifts of wisdom, intuition, peace, trust, and empathy.  When we trust in these gifts, we enter a sacred space.  We are then able to love beyond all fear and thrive in balance on this earth walk. Our spirits feed on love, and we all must have it for self-esteem and courage. Without this confidence, we cannot serve to our fullest potential.  


As the ascension of our spirits continues, we are all being given the opportunity to know ourselves on a deeper level.  We are born sovereign beings.  I am certain that this awakening in human consciousness will bring forth a new and more integrated way that will honor the full realm in healing.  Not only for the human, but everything in our magical universe.  

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