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Payment is due upon booking session via Laurie Neri, Zelle. Visa and MasterCard also accepted.


Additional payment is due if session time extends allotted time.


All sessions must be cancelled or rescheduled at least 24 hours in advance to avoid being charged.

Please contact Laurie at or 713-298-7066 with any questions, or to book a session.


Power Animal Retrieval
Power Animal Retrieval

The shamans believe that everyone is born with a power animal.  These compassionate spirits are with us to protect, guide, and empower us throughout our lives.  They help us realize our unique gifts and nourish them into reality.  They are always there for us, but if we are not aware of their presence, love, and willingness to assist us, we will forget to invite them into our lives. The shaman will journey to lower world and ask for your power animal to step forward.  The power animal will merge with the shaman.  Then the shaman will blow the spirit of the power animal into the client’s head and heart chakra to complete the merge.  Then the shaman will return you both to middle world.  You are reminded to call on them daily.  They love you and want to always be of service.

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Soul Retrieval

The most beautiful gift one can give themselves is a Soul Retrieval.  Our eternal soul lives beyond our physical body.  It is the part of us that lives in truth, love, and light.  Free of all fear, doubt, frustration, anger or any of those lower vibrations that can keep us from co-creating a joyful and fulfilling life here on this earth walk.

We are first and foremost  a soul having a human experience. The shaman believes all experiences come through the soul and so does all healing.   We are energy before matter.  Spirit before physical. We cannot assume that every cause of illness only comes to us from the outside world.  When the emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies become burdened with stress, the physical body will weaken.  Most of our physical illnesses begin within the recesses of our soul.  Once illness has manifested into the physical body, it is in its final stage. Whenever we experience any type of trauma, a part of our essence separates from us in order to continue survival in our daily lives.  In modern day therapy, this is called disassociation – soul fragmentation. How can only therapy or physical medicine fully work if pieces of our soul are not called back home?  The shaman works to restore wholeness by addressing the core and root of illness from a spiritual aspect.  The soul must be nurtured and cared for before anything can manifest in the physical, emotional, or mental body.  Continuing your current therapy is crucial with all this work.

Soul Retrieval

A shamanic extraction is a removal of misplaced energy.  Sometimes referred to as cords, intrusions, or thought forms.  In daily life, we are exposed to all types of emotional energies in our environment.  Just as positive energy enlightens and empowers us, lower vibration energy can cause illness and discomfort.  It can be our own thoughts and emotions, or those emanating from others.  Other types of misplaced energy can be from an injury.  Even though the physical body appears to be healed, there may continue to be an energetic weakness.  When a shamanic extraction ceremony is performed, the shaman locates the misplaced energy within the body and removes it.  The energy removed is then transmuted into the light for positive universal enhancing energy.  The shaman then fills the void with healing light energy.  This will allow whatever ailments the person is experiencing to heal.  


Psychopomp is a Greek word meaning “guide or conductor of the soul.”  When a shaman guides a deceased soul from earth into the light, it is referred to as a Psychopomp.

There are various reasons a soul doesn’t pass peacefully into the light.  Traumatic deaths, attachments to loved ones or grieving loved ones who are having a difficult time letting them go.  Some also have unfinished business or attachments to earthly objects such as homes and land.  If a soul has any fears of judgement, they will have a difficult time crossing over.  

The shaman brings in the helping spirits to assist in this transition and explains that there is no judgement on this journey.  Only abundant amounts of love and light from the angels and the compassionate spirits welcoming them through the portal of light back to the source – our Creator.  

Compassionate Spirit Release/Deposession

Compassionate spirit release is a clearing process to assist suffering beings into the light.  It is a collaboration between our Creator, the helping spirits and angels, and the shamanic practitioner.

Sometimes there are death experiences and circumstances that do not allow them to journey successfully into the light.  When these circumstances occur, these suffering beings are searching for a human or animal energy to attach to in order to carry on.  Certain signs and symptoms of this occurring are unusual emotions, feelings, or behaviors that suddenly arise that are completely non-characteristic.  Most times there is just a sense and an uneasy feeling that is present.

Compassionate spirit release is a heartfelt therapy that will assist both the client and the suffering being.  The shaman will lovingly and respectfully assist this being in crossing over into the light.  

Compassionate Spirit Release
Curse and Spell Unraveling

In shamanism, all life is holographic.  In other words, dimensions in time and space are all happening simultaneously.  If a spell, curse, oath, promise, declaration, vow or contract of any type was created in another lifetime, it can still have a great amount of force and power in your energy system.  

When any of the above contracts are activated, it can affect you in this lifetime.  If there are situations and relationships that you are repetitively struggling with, then there may be an active force that needs to be unraveled.  Words and intentions have power.  Whether it be negative self-talk or comments from anyone in your life, this force can have a great deal of power in preventing your soul from manifesting and living the life you desire.  

A shamanic practitioner will journey to other lifetimes and change these situations.  Both a healing and a shift will occur in the life you are fully living now.  

Curse and Spell Unraveling
Land and Home Clearings and Blessings

Land, homes and any buildings can absorb positive or negative energy.  These energetic imprints can come from previous owners and possible hardships that have occurred on the premises.

If there has been any type of violence, death, scarcity, or bloodshed, new occupants will sense and uneasy feeling that is currently present.  These energies or possible curses stay present until it is cleared.  These imprints can cause an overall lack or well-being, illness, depression, and misfortune by those who may visit or occupy the dwelling.

It is advisable to receive a land clearing and blessing on any property you are either attempting to sell, purchase, or lease.  The shaman can also introduce to the occupants’ simple ceremonies to continue blessings over the home, office, and property.

Land and Home Blessings
Transfiguration – Healing With Spiritual Light

We are body, mind, and spirit.  But first and foremost, we are spirit before matter.  When we release the chaos and thoughts in our mind, we go beyond our physical body and become pure spiritual light.  Like the sun and the stars, our spirits radiate without any limitations.  We become the flame of light shining and radiating so all on our beautiful planet can absorb healing for its highest and best.  

This ceremony can be performed for anyone or anything on this planet who wants to receive a healing.  Feeling it absorb into every cell of your being like a flower absorbs the sun after a rainstorm.  This ceremony will create a healing and positive change for all on our great planet.

For experiments performed under Sandra Ingerman, go to this website


Reiki is a Japanese technique which translates to "life force energy through Gods' wisdom". It is a hands-on energy therapy that aims to increase and balance energy in all areas: physical, emotional, spiritual and mental thus creating warmth, peace, security and wellbeing.

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