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"Laurie has the ability to clear away the layers that keep most people from truly connecting with their inner wisdom. "

- Stephanie S. , Client

"I highly recommend working with Laurie if you want to increase self-understanding, health, and emotional well being."

- Suzanne O., Client

Laurie Neri is an author, Registered Massage Therapist, Medical Exercise Specialist, Reiki Master, and Nationally known Animal Consultant living in Houston, Texas. Laurie is also the owner/founder of Synchronized Kneads.

Laurie's journey towards personalized health and healing taught her that she, like all humanity, is a unique individual who possessed mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical experiences like no other. Laurie believes we must honor and celebrate the ever-changing nature of our soul and the human body. What helps today may not bring the same results tomorrow.

Learning to adapt health practices to our own changing body and spirit is a constant empowering dance of healing. While Laurie believes that a movement program along with meditation should be a must, a countless amount of other remedies are available for us to explore at any time.

In order to see a change in the physical realm, we have to be willing to take the journey from head to heart. Work with Laurie to start your journey, or order her book "Practical Wellness" for a guide through choices in your health and well-being. 

You can read more about Laurie's philosophies on healing and wellness in her book, Practical Wellness.

"Laurie is such a beautiful person with a kind and loving heart for both animals and people.  She has learned about so many holistic healing methods in order to help animals live happier, healthier and longer lives.  Laurie has a wonderful intuitive connection with animals on a heart and soul level." - Kim S. and Allison C.

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