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Available for human or animal, in person or long-distance.

Custom Nutrition Consultation

SKU: 364215376135199
  • Whether human or animal, nutrition is important  to every part of your being.  The physical body houses the spirit.  Energy and vitality are what we need to accomplish goals in our life..   Many animals have behavioral issues because of poor nutrition.  All the training in the world will not work if you have an agitated animal.  Just because your neighbors pet does well on a particular food, doesn't mean your pet will have the same experience.  Muscle testing is used to customize a proper nutritional program.  It all starts with the base diet.  If supplements are being taken with a poor diet ,little to  no improvements will occur. Nourish and nurture you and your pets body temple!

  • For returns or refunds, call Laurie Neri directly: 713-781-1555

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